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What I've Been Thinking About Lately #12

What I've been thinking about lately, edition 12

If you have to think hard about whether or not you want something you already have, chances are that you don't actually want it. You don’t second guess things that you inherently want.

From How to Edit Your Own Lousy Writing by Julian Gough: Gough explains a common trap that writers fall into where they experience their stories as they imagine them and not how their written words portray them. The key to identifying bad writing is learning to read your work like a reader, identify the missing pieces of your vision, and add them vividly. A part I especially enjoyed was where Gough said, "My own first drafts have gotten worse over the years, rather than better, as I’ve grown more confident in my rewriting and in my editing of myself."

From Andrew Bustmante: CIA Spy via the Lex Fridman Podcast: When asked, "What is the meaning of life?" He immediately responds, "Self-Respect" and shares a great story about how he came to that answer. Because lack of self-respect is uncomfortable, many will frame their lack of courage as practicality, and silently suffer in the lies they feed themselves.

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