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What I've Been Thinking About Lately #15

Weekly thoughts on a Friday

Some amount of suffering in life is a given, no matter how easy it gets or how much you can accumulate or let go. The superior way to suffer less is by finding what unpleasant activities bring you meaning and minimize the ones that don't.

Living in a rich country is a privilege that often goes under appreciated if you don't spend time in poor countries. Quality infrastructure, effective policing, incident protection, access to world-class doctors, timely shipment of any product you want, access to capital (ex mortgages and student loans), etc. are all things that effectively only exist in rich countries. To broadly proclaim, "Taxation is theft" in the US is not only wrong but laughable considering it comes from the very people that are afforded the freedom of a rich tax-paying countries services. "Tax dollars are spent ineffectively" would be a statement I could get behind but unfortunately it's not as catchy.

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