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What I've Been Thinking About Lately #22

Weekly thoughts at the end of the week

When someone is prompted for an opinion and they say, "I don't know enough about this subject to opine on it" you can instantly value their opinion more because chances are higher they know what they don't know. People who are willing to tout opinions without knowing a sufficient level of information are dangerous because they can often be wrong and not know why.

There is pain in failure and doing things poorly, but it doesn't make me unhappy. I am unhappy in times when I am not facing adversity, because lack of adversity denies me the chance to prove myself. Without the tests and subsequent failures of things like courage, honesty, critical thinking, and integrity, I am unable to identify where I fall on the scale of these attributes. Identification of where I fall on the scale of these attributes might mean I fall lower than I expected I would. If I fail a test of courage, it doesn’t mean that I became less courageous, it just means I got a more accurate assessment how courageous I actually am. With that failure I am able to identify the aspects in which I am deficient and address them.

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