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What I've Been Thinking About Lately #29

The Gift of Exertion

I've undergone three major surgeries on my right knee, with two in just the past two years. The most recent, a meniscus removal, promised to be straightforward. Yet, months beyond the anticipated recovery, my knee remains a shadow of its former self. Despite consultations with top-notch doctors and physical therapists, the pain persists and no one is sure why.

The limitations of my knee now dictate my physical capabilities, not my fitness level. This reality is a source of deep sorrow for me. The exhilaration of pushing my body to its limits, of sprinting at top speed, lifting heavy weights, or leaping with unrestrained power, is now just a memory. My knee, unstable and unreliable, bars me from entering this zone of full exertion.

In those moments in the zone of full exertion, the mind screams in protest, warning of pain and urging you to stop. But this pain is not harmful pain; rather, it's a testament to capability. This effort reveals the truth of our physical limits and offers a profound sense of relief post-exertion.

I implore anyone who might listen: if you don't find joy in physical exertion, keep trying. The ability to push your body to its full extent is a precious gift, and you might miss it when it is no longer an option.

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