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Stuff = Debt

What I've Been Thinking About Lately #41

I'm moving out of my apartment soon, and I recently went through all of my belongings, playing the 'keep-or-toss' game. It's a fun exercise as long as you can laugh at yourself while discarding items you were absolutely convinced were necessary just a few months ago.

Acquiring stuff is, in essence, signing an invisible debt agreement - a future obligation to dispose.

Not all debt is bad. Many have acquired wealth through the appreciation of homes purchased with mortgages or attained lucrative jobs through education financed by student loans. However, most debt should be avoided.

Similarly, not all stuff is bad. Thoughtfully chosen stuff can simplify our lives, spark joy, and increase life satisfaction. But like debt, most stuff should be avoided.

The game to play is to treat stuff like you would debt: acquire items of genuine utility and value, then fight feverishly to not acquire more.

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